Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Had a Photoshoot! :D

Well hello, to my lovely bloggers on this fine, crisp winter day! :D
How is everyone? Cold?! I bet! There was a freeze last night that WE DIDN'T know about and now all are plants have been frozen! Though, they may still survive. Let's hope! :D
But winter is trying it's best to set in here in the little town I call Mayberry (don't look at me like that, my aunt started it!). We've already had a fire in the fire place a few times and chopped wood for more fires! Ahhh, hot coco and apple cider here I come!
It was really cold yesterday, though the weather man assured us it would be in the 7Os. He lies! LOL!
Truth is it was cold and cloudy--but that didn't stop us from having an amazing day!
You see, yesterday, Mrs. Gaskill invited me to go on a photo shoot with her, Mr. King and this really sweet lady named Mrs. Sandy! :D I was THRILLED! :D *Does a happy dance!*
I know I have said this before, but I LOVE it when Mrs. Gaskill let's me model for her! It's SO much fun! I'm afraid I don't have any pics to show you guys just yet, but here are a few I took with an SD card that Mr. King very graciously let me borrow since I'd left mine at home. *Face palm*
This time we got to go to this beautiful park not too far from Mayberry! As you can see from the picture below, the clouds did move away around three o'clock or so.

We had SO much fun up there! I wish I had better pictures so I could show you the real beauty of the place! That's Mrs. Sandy in the water followed by Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King.
We got to the park around twelve and stayed there until four thirty! WOW! It was amazing!
No one was at the park, which figures seeing how it's winter and no one really wants to go swimming in 50 degree weather! But, the setting and lighting were PERFECT for a photo shoot.
As Mr. King and Mrs. Johnnie explained, sunlight isn't always good for shoots because it isnt' a dependable light source and causes a lot of dark shadows. But the clouds helped to keep the light steady and really made the colors pop! :D  
There were also some really awesome rocks near a bend in the river. And, since the river was really REALLY low, due to the lack of rain, we were able to get to them and take some pictures.

In one of the pictures Mr. King had me climb up on top of the rocks. It was actually really easy to get to them--since I went around, up and then down. But once I got out on them I was like 'AAAHHH!'

Seriously, it was really high! I took a picture ^ but it isn't very good. The rocks were in angled layers and so it doesn't look very high...but trust me it was. I'm not exactly sure how high I was...but I was at least twelve feet and for someone who hates heights--that was high enough!

Here I am on my way up from the ledge. Yea, scary.
Here's a picture of the river from the look out point that was up on the mountain! Again, I wish I had a better picture...but this will do for now! :)
It was really fun, getting to spend some time with Mrs. Johnnie and Mr. King! I hadn't gotten to model for Mr. King since the first time I modeled for Mrs. Johnnie. (That was back when I had REALLY short hair!) It was also wonderful to meet Mrs. Sandy! She was so sweet!
But, overall, I had a wonderful time! Mrs. Johnnie and Mrs. Sandy were SO sweet and Mr. King was REALLY funny! :D I was sad when it was finally time to pack up and go home!
But, it won't be long before I get to do another photo shoot with Mrs. Johnnie! :D
This Sunday, after church, Mrs. Johnnie and I are going over to a local college to meet up with a girl named Madeline for another shoot! :D YAY!! I can't wait! :D
But as for right now, I've got to get ready for the day and get back to work on my NaWrMo story! Can you believe it's going to be over in TWO DAYS! AAAHHHH! I've got to get busy!
But before I do go, please pray for my mom. She's caught a nasty cold and isn't feeling too good! So just keep her in your prayers! Thanks! :D
So until next time!


Rissi said...

Lovely scenery. :)

Cute winter/Christmas design, Rebecca. :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks!It really was beautiful up there! God really out did himself! :D

I'm glad you like the design! :) I think it's the best one I've ever had! :D