Friday, November 9, 2012

A BIG Day Today!

Well, hi there! :D

Sorry it's been so long! This past week has been SO hectic I've barely had time for anything! 0_0

But enough about that, I've got some BIG news! Well, I can't actually tell you about it just yet--but it's happening TODAY! :D

You know that 'big surprise' I said was coming? Well, this is it--or part of it. :D I'm so excited! :D I was totally stunning news this past Monday and I can't WAIT to share it with you! However, you'll just have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to find out about it. Yea, there's a slight delay but don't worry! I'll post about it as soon as I can! :D

But as for right now, I've GOT to get ready!

So until next time!

Your very excited blogger,

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James The Movie Reviewer said...

Before you post that, please check your e-mail. :)