Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo Shoot with the Girls!

Well, the girls and I did a photo shoot this past week at my birthday party! Yes, I had a party this past Saturday and all of my closest friends were in attendance! It was a mustache theme...yes, you heard me correctly. Mustaches were the theme and it was really a lot of fun! But back to the photo shoot!

It was raining, and I mean raining, so we really didn't have many places to take photos in, but we did what we could with what we had and here are a few of the results!

I am still learning how to photograph people. I've done objects for a while, but this was my first real attempt to photograph a person and then edit the photo. 

My friend Hannah, I really loved this shot! 

Clara reading Jane Eyre. This was an experiment with coloring. Too much vintage I think. 

My friend Jessie's pretty eyes! 

Hannah really likes this shot and so do I! 

This was an experiment with partial black and white. I really don't like that I can still see some of her color hair and the wall, but I suppose it turned out okay. 
Best friends taking a break!

Now for some none edited shots that we took during a break.

Jessie took this one, and I really love it! 

We are basically sisters!

Oh yea, that's us! Most of the time this is exactly what we look like! 

That's just what we do when we are around each other...and a camera!

Today we will hopefully experiment more and be able to go out into the woods and surrounding areas to get a little more scenery. I'm really excited about it! But for right now I have to clean up my room (again) and get ready for their arrival. I've just finished my first weeks worth of homework and I'm very nervous about turning it in! 0_0 Wish me luck!

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Jamie said...

I like the umbrella shot best. :) It looks like you gals were having the best time! :)