Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Recently, I acquired a new photo editing program, and I have to say it was the best decision of my life! I've spent the entire day taking pictures and then playing with different looks on the editing program. I'm no expert on it yet, but I'm getting better! The above picture of my mockingjay pin is my favorite, but the one below (the books and glasses) is rather fun! 

What sparked this sudden interest you ask? Well, I've always loved photography, I'm not a professional, but I do have a soft spot for it! :) Recently, an old friend of mine saw a few of my pictures and said that the magazine she works for might like them. It was a very big complement! :) She suggested I submit a few, and I believe I'm going to go for it! 
They mainly want dramatic black and white photos of both nature and people. I love those kinds of photos, but I was unsure if my pictures were up to par, so I went to one of the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to photography! 
Mrs. Johnnie!
I called her last night and she was more than willing to help me, a huge blessing! I asked her about photo editing and she told me that she used Picasa to do her editing. She always does and amazing job, so I wanted to check this program out. I found out that it was actually a free download, and needless to say I got it! :D All night long I played with it. I was in love! It is an amazing program, and has so many different tools that make photos really shine! :D
I've also started using my mom's really amazing camera! It takes very good pictures, a lot better than my old digital camera, though I will say that I still love that little guy! He never ceased to amaze me with how much detail he could actually capture! :D However, I have a new project that requires better equipment! 
I am now on the hunt for new dramatic scenes to photograph! I plan to get a few nature ones, and some of people! My models are my dearest friends in the whole world! Hannah, Clara and Jessie were very sweet and agreed to model for me! :D We are planning a BIG photo shoot in the near future, one where we will get photos to submit along with some just for personal use (non-dramatic ones). I'm very excited!

However, I'm starting college this week, and that means a lot of work! I will have to manage my time between school, writing and this new project--all the while getting ready for my birthday party Saturday! I'm hoping that, with God's help, I will stay focused and get this all done! :)

Until then, I hope you enjoy the current photographs! :D 


Jamie said...

These photos are STUNNING. No joke!! They're really good! I like dabbling in photography but I've lacked a decent photo editor for a long time. I'm totally going to check this program out. You've inspired me! :D


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like the pictures! I've never had a nice editor until now, thanks so much to Mrs. Johnnie! :D Cool! Photography is one of my favorite pastimes! I hope you'll post some of your pictures some time!