Saturday, September 14, 2013

We Were Accepted!

We were accepted by the magazine! One of our photos is now in a magazine! :D I can hardly believe it! We worked so hard and it paid off! This silly looking crew just got accepted by a magazine! We couldn't be happier.  

As of this past weekend, I know, shame on me for not telling, we were accepted by the magazine and now our work has been published. For, I suppose, legal reasons I cannot show you the photo. When the magazine has the new issue released, I will provide a link for everyone to see the photo. 

We of course are proud as peacocks, and are already planning of submitting to their January issue. My hometown is also starting an art magazine that's looking for photos. Of course, different magazines are looking for different types of photography, but it's worth looking into at the least. Besides, one of my photography friends (Mrs. Johnnie) submits to them I believe, so I have an inside source when it comes to what photos they will or will not accept. 

All the same, we've been hard at work with taking photos in general. We're already planning on having a vintage photo shoot this Monday and, possibly, a fall shoot once the leaves turn! We've really had a lot of fun learning about photography and experimenting with new techniques!  I've got a few samples of what we've been working on, so here they are! 

Some snapshots from my trip to Florida! It was such a wonderful trip! 
These Florida photos were taken by me on my trip. 

Some black and white shots that we are very proud of ! 

This is my absolute favorite picture of Hannah. We took this by my father's old truck. The textures and lighting was just perfect, resulting in an absolutely amazing shot! 


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Congrats my friend! :D I like how you edited those pictures.


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, James! :D Oh I used Picasa, it's a free download that lets you easily edit your pictures. It's really fun to play with! :D

Jamie said...

Wow, how exciting to have a magazine accept your pictures! How neat!! I like the shot of the car. :)


Rebecca Wilder said...

Hey, Jamie! :D

We are really excited too! :D Thanks! I'm glad you like the pic! I just took that one kinda spur of the moment so I'm glad it turned out okay! :D