Friday, August 2, 2013

Analyze Your Writing

While I believe that every writer should have his or her own personal style, I though that this website was pretty fun! You write a few short paragraphs (they don't keep them), submit and instantly it tells you who you write 'like'. It's something fun for authors to do; and perhaps even a boost in moral! Anyway, I hope you all have fun with it! 


JT said...

I am hilarious without trying. On random paragraphs about different MCs, I got L.Frank Baum, Mario Puzo (never heard of him) and P.G. Wodehouse consecutively on three trys...:) and I'm trying to write an epic!

Jamie said...

This is cool! I entered my birthday post and got Maragert Atwood, who I haven't heard but looks very well known according to the google page. :P Thanks for sharing this link!