Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Coming to It's Close

Well, it's here at last. The end of 2012! I can hardly believe it!
Despite my initial misgivings, 2012 has been a really amazing year! My family, friends and I have been blessed so much in this past year.
However, it's also been a hard year for us too. The economy has been terrible and our country has suffered some extremely heartbreaking blows. I keep reminding myself that God's in control...and that I shouldn't be afraid, but sometimes it's a little nerve wracking to wake up and find the world spiraling. Am I right?
Oh well, hard times have come before...and somehow the world kept going.
But off the sad and frightening stuff...onto something light and frothy!
Let's talk about all the awesome stuff that happened this year! One of my favorite things to do is to to go back and look at all the amazing stuff that happened during the year!
Well, let's see....we survived the end of the world! Yea...I think that's the sixth time I've survived the end of the world. I actually new a few people who were really worried about the end of the world. And when they asked my about it I was just like,
"They can't even predict the weather right...what makes them think they know when the world's going to end?"
But off of that...some other awesome things happened this year!
At the beginning of this year I got to meet some really amazing people at the Oklahoma play! Miss you guys and I hope I can participate in another play with you!
My beautiful cousin got engaged! EEE!! So happy for you, Melissa! I can't wait until your wedding!
And speaking of weddings, Tatum--the wonderful sweet girl from Oklahoma (and my piano teacher's daughter) who encouraged me to sing and try for the play got married! I can hardly believe it! :D So happy for your girl! :D
My friend James is finishing up his last year of high school! Can't believe that either! I'll be attending his graduation this coming year and I just can't believe it!
Also I started college. Major yikes there but I'm hoping that this semester on campus will be a good experience for me! Let's hope so at least.
I also got to go on tons of photo shoots with Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King! Love you guys! Thanks SO much for letting me model for you! I had so much fun and I'm looking forward to doing more shoots with you guys!
Spent several wonderful holidays hanging out with my friends and family
I finished six manuscripts and a book trilogy this year! Big kudos there!
Finished my room re-do. Thank heaven! Took long enough! LOL!
Got my drivers licence. Yea...finally! I waited until I was 18 because I didn't want to do all the paper work! You can't imagine all the hoops you have to jump through!
And...saw the Hobbit! Now that was worth the wait!!!! :D :D :D :D Hope my brother and I can go see it together soon!
And there were countless other blessings, but I'm not going to name them all. There were just too many!
Now how about some New Year's Resolutions? Anyone? Or is that something we'd rather save for later?
I usually try to keep my resolutions small and attainable---nothing too big or showy. Basically, nothing that many people can hold me accountable for. *winks*
Last year my main resolution was to spend more time on my writing. Not sure how well I achieved that goal and some of the other ones I set--but I do know that I finished six manuscripts this year! Of course...three of those manuscripts were of the same book. A very nice plus for me as I haven't made it to a fourth draft (that I'm working on now) on one of my books before! *Happy dance* But last years resolutions aside--now that I'm on my fourth draft of my novel I know what I want my 2013 resolution to be!
My 2013 resolution is to fully edit my book and get it ready to send into a publisher by 2014! I've already started on some of the revising and fleshing out of the story. Fortunately, some of the new things I've added to the book don't require me to completely rewrite the least not yet anyway! So maybe I'll make it! Who knows!
What are your New Year's resolutions? Well, whatever they are...I wish you all the luck in the world! :D
But now for New Year's plans.
Well...I'm afraid I'm going to bore you. I think I'll spend my New Year curled up in my room with one of the awesome new books I got for Christmas! Not very exciting huh? Oh each his own.
Either way, I'm planning on staying in tonight. Even in a small town like Mayberry, New Years Eve is NOT a night to be out and about! :(
But I've got to go do some laundry--yea, exciting! OOOHHH! Watch out, you don't know what I'll do next!
So until next time,
This has been your busy and happy blogger,


Solace Utara said...

Happy New Year!!!
Congrats to Melissa! :) Looks like you had a great year :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Yes, it was a wonderful year! :D Happy New Year to you too! :D