Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas and other things!

Well, actually...Christmas Eve is tomorrow....YIKES!! Hard to believe that this whole month has just rushed by! Wowza! Hard to believe that tomorrow the Christmas craziness will begin! 0_0
But anyway, enough 'I can't believe its' let's move on!
Well, my friend Jacob turned 16 this past Thursday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB! I've got a b-day post planned for you! Sorry I didn't put it up on your actual birthday! :( We've been really busy these past few days!
But, all the same, Happy 16th! I can hardly believe that I've known you for 10 years now! WOW! :D I'm so happy to have you and James in my life! You guys are so special and such amazing friends! Jacob, Jackson and I treasure your friendship and I hope that we will be friends for 10 more years! :D
That's Michael's smile face. Isn't he cute! :D

We've been really busy these past few days...for instance, yesterday we went to a special Christmas Story tour. It was okay--not as 'grand' as it was built up to be, but it was a fun trip and I know my sister and baby cousin enjoyed it
I bought myself two souvenirs at the gift shop on the way out! The stuff really wasn't that bad! :D I bought a donkey carving--which I shall dub Ruth--or Dunkey...dunno! And a glass dradle!
It's very small (about the size of a quarter) but isn't it pretty! I really like it! ;D My mom bought a camel (like my donkey) carving...but I don't know where that is. It's really cute though!
The actual show was a tour of biblical homes and the world that Mary and Joesph lived in. However, it really didn't last long and there was a bunch of stuff that we didn't even get to see. It felt sort of rushed. And the 'light show' at the end was actually just a slide show on a bed sheet. :( Oh well, the kids had fun and it was sweet of my mom, dad, uncle and aunt to take us! :D
But tomorrow Christmas will start and I CAN'T wait! :D We've been making goodies all day long! Peppermint patties, chewies, and billionaires to name a few! Ugh...I'm going to be SO fat after all this is over! LOL!
I've asked for several things this year--none of them really expensive.
All in all I've asked for:
Two bath and body works bubble baths (they actually make bubble bath now! :D)
Three Harry Potter Books (PA, GOF, and OOTP...Harry Potter fans will know these abbreviations!)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie.
Lego Lord of the Rings video game for Wii. guilty pleasure!
The book Divergent by Veronica Roth. A friend said it was really good!
Jillian Michael's Killer Abs DVD (I'll need this after all the Christmas goodies! LOL!)
But that's about it. Not too much...which I view as good! I'm content! Though...I could do with said books! :D I could get parents are very generous--please don't think of them as stingy! Last year my mom offered to get me a Kindle for Christmas...along with other stuff...but I said no cause I'm just not a Kindle person (I love the feel of a book in my hand and the smell of fresh/old pages! Hints why I really wanted books this year!). The decision turned out to be a smart one cause my dad got my mom an IPad 2 for Christmas and it can double as a Kindle!
But please don't think of them as stingy. They are very generous wonderful parents! Thanks SO much to mommy and daddy for all the wonderful Christmas's I've had/will have! :D   
But yea, so maybe tomorrow--for my Christmas Eve morning present (a tradition in our family) I will get a Harry Potter book! SQEEEEE!! :D
But that's my Christmas list. My sister's list is actually shorter than mine..and she's SIX! 0_0 She just doesn't want much. But rest assured...she's getting a good amount of cute things for Christmas. 
But our Christmas schedule for this year is a lot like ours for last year! We're having...let me count...four Christmas's! 0_0 Yep! :D FOUR!
First we have our Christmas Eve dinner with our family friends, then we have our morning Christmas thing when Joanna gets her Santa presents and when we get the majority of our gifts from mom and dad. Then we go over to my dad's parent's house for lunch, then it's back home for our last Christmas at my aunt's house! WOOF! Lot's of running back and forth!
Well, speaking of running back and forth. I've got to finish up some last minute wrapping! So until next time!
This has been your happy and busy blogger,
Merry Christmas!


Rissi said...

Good luck with that last-minute wrapping. :D

...and Merry Christmas, Rebecca!

Solace Utara said...

Merry Christmas! Tell your friend Happy Birthday from me too :D
I can't imagine the excitement you would feel for getting a Harry Potter book! Must be really awesome. I grew up with Harry Potter, so I never really had the feeling for the first time. It's not my childhood though; it's my life. :) All the books are on my holy shelf next to Star Wars and LOTR. I'm wearing a HP shirt right now :P
You haven't watched Chamber of Secrets? :O It's really awesome!!! GOF may be my fav hp book :_
Okay, enough fangirling. :P
I have everything I wanted so I don't know what I want for Christmas, and I didn't bother making a list because, well, sadly we don't really go christmas shopping here as you know. The One Ring would be cool, but I'm saving that for my engagement ring :D
I like books more than Kindle too, but Kindle is cheap so I just had to stick with it.