Monday, December 17, 2012

Truck YEAH!!!

Let the world shake in fear--for I am now MOBILE!
Yep, you heard it here first! That thing above ^ is the truck my father is letting me use as my first vehicle!! :D YAY!!
At last, after several long months of looking my father managed to acquire a Dodge Dakota for me to drive! YAY FOR MY DAD!! :D
My dad surprised me with it yesterday when my brother drove up in it! :D Couldn't believe it! I drove it around the house a few times and then down the driveway--I'd gotten about half way down when our friends Jacob, James and Mrs. Rita drove up! I honked the horn and was like,
They couldn't believe it either! :D
The truck is really nice! I LOVES IT! It's so big! The bed's a short bed but the cab is a true four door! The backseat is HUGE!! SO much leg room! :D
My mom tested it out today when we drove to our Christmas brunch with Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Stacie, and my friends Hannah and Jessie! So I got to show them the truck! Plus, we dropped Jackson off with AJ so he too got to take a look at it! :D
Hannah, Jessie and I spent a lot of our visit sitting in the truck talking and listening to the radio. Hannah really liked how big the back seat is! She was sprawled out in it like it was a couch! :D Jessie and I set some of my presets! Just so you know...several of them are country stations! Yea....addiction. :)
We drove it home and it handled great--but I managed to hair spray myself. Let me explain...
We were on the way home and I was riding shot gun when I felt something cold on my leg. I thought I was just sitting funny so I didn't do anything. But when I moved I noticed that the feeling was still there. So, when I reached my hand down to my leg I felt something WET! was HAIRSPRAY! Ugh....the cap was off it and I sprayed myself! Ugh....bad day! :( It was all over my leg, the seat and my pants! A WHOLE CAN OF HAIRSPRAY LEAKED OUT ONTO ME!! :( But on the plus side...the awesome Hobbit calender my friend Hannah gave me as a present was in my lap and safe from the hair care blitz!
I should have posted a pic of it...but I didn't think about it. Oh well. But yea, I've got a Hobbit calender now for 2013! YAY! :D I really love it! YAY TO HANNAH FOR GIVING ME SUCH AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS GIFT! :D :D
But yea, I just wanted to share my awesome news with my bloggers! :D I'M SO HAPPY! I can hardly believe that I'm mobile! EEEKKKK!!!! :D
But I've got to go, seven days till Christmas and we're SO busy! 0_0 Still can't believe it's almost Christmas! WOWZA!! It's going to be over before I know it's even here! :(
But anyway, I've really got to go now! So, until next time...
This has been your busy and mobile blogger,


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Truck Yeah indeed! :D Your truck is awesome! Had a great day yesterday too. :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks! :D Glad you like it! Once I get my licence we will SO have to go on a ride! :D I had fun yesterday too! We will have to get together again really soon! :D