Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Le Sigh

Oh, boredom and a computer that isn't working at the moment. I don't know what's wrong with this thing, it's just freezing up on me and I can't seem to make it quit. Well, to be fair to my lovely little laptop...it's actually blogger that's messing up, not my computer.
Oh well, since I'm bored at the moment I thought I'd give you a quick tour of my room!

I know, I know, no one really cares what my room looks. Though I love to see how people design their rooms and living spaces--you get so many new and creative ideas! I've seen a lot of really awesome rooms and I just wanted to share mine. It's not perfect--but I like it! It's my style and it took me over a year to do! Also, I just finished giving my room a well deserved clean! :D But I just thought I' share a few pics, especially since I just got new lanterns for my bed! ^ Kudos to my awesome mom who got those for me! Thanks mommy!

This is my Christmas tree, it's kinda old now but I still use it. It looks a lot better in person though. Also, as you can see, I've got some presents under there! :D Happy to say that most of my shopping is done--I just have three peeps left to get stuff for. :)

This is my "star"! Yep, Hunger Games fan here!

My little tree is now sitting where my floor lamp usually goes. It's been relocated between my book shelf and dresser. I'm still in love with my dressing table! Sooo pretty and feminine! *Sigh* Just LOVE IT!

The other side of my room with a mini tree. It's not too Christmasy but I don't have that many decorations anymore. Maybe it's time to get some new ones! Hmmm...

This is my dresser, see--there's the floor lamp to the left! It has two snow men on it, one's a statue and the other holds Christmas cards! Still keep the ones from the Munchkin Farm Kiddies...how I miss them!

But yes, in case you were wondering...I do love England!

This is my bookshelf, I've added a whole lot of new books and movies to it! SO happy! And I spot my much used copy of The Hobbit and Sherlock Holmes!! :D

This is my top shelf where I keep some of my all time favs. Notice LOTR and HG and HP have made it to the top. The Hobbit used to be at the top until I ran out of room and it was accidentally moved to the bottom. Oh well...

This is my second shelf where I keep books that either aren't my favorites or aren't in good enough condition to be at the top. The Hobbit is the notable exception here.

 Part of my DVD shelf. I've got WAY too many movies, I really should get rid of some of them.

This is one of the pics that sits up on my bookshelf. Behold little derp me! :D This was taken when I was about six or so. Ahhh...so much fun. I had such a wonderful childhood! But ugh...my hair really needed washing!

And me now with my bored face on. My eyes look green/brown now...not sure how that happened. I just got a haircut yesterday. Got about two whole inches chopped off...trust me, it really needed it! It was still all messy from that 'short hair phase' I went through last year! Not sure why I wanted it short...oh well, it was an okay experiment I guess.

But that's my room! I hope I didn't bore y'all with my boring ramblings! :D I've got a lot of really nice posts planned--I just have to find time to write them! :D

But this has been your happy blogger,

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