Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Packing for My Great Mountain Adventure....

Yea, I know the titles a bit dramatic...but hey it works!

Well here I am again...talking about my up coming trip to the mountains! But this time, instead of talking about what we're going to do up there...I'm talking about packing. Oh you lucky ducks you...you get to listen to me ramble on about what clothes I'm taking or not taking and what not! X-) Sorry guys but I'm just a little over excited about this and I REALLY want to get in some posting before I leave.

Anyway, as you all know I'm going to The Mountains Above Mayberry and so naturally I've got quite a bit of packing to do! I've not only got to pack for the four days we'll be gone...but also for the trip up there! It takes approximately five hours to get from Mayberry to the mountains!! And sadly we're not going in the infamous Church Bus. Why is it infamous you ask? Well let's just say the bus has some engine problems that usually make the five hour trip take six. So this year we're going in separate cars. I'll probably ride with Mrs. Lisa and Jessie (Mrs. Lisa being one of our youth leaders) since I don't have a car yet and therefore can't drive myself out of state. And the rest of the group (it's not a very big group going this year) will probably ride with the rest of the youth leaders. One or two may drive themselves...but I kinda doubt it seeing how most of them are only year older than me and their parents aren't too crazy about them driving out of state and up in the mountains.

Anyway, I'll be taking LOADS of awesome pictures for you guys while I'm up there...but you'll have to wait until I get back before I upload them. I'm not taking a computer with me (I never do on trips like this because I don't want to have to keep up with it.) and so you'll just have to wait.

But anyway back to packing! So far I'm taking three turtle necks (One black one blue and one brown), one cow neck (a black one), two pairs of shoes, three pairs of pants, a black puffer vest, a black puffer jacket, and a whole host of socks and other unmentionable things.

Then of course I've got to bring my hair supplies (not much, just a brush, a hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, and two kinds of hair gunk.) my make up (again not much) and other necessary things such as D.O., perfume, tooth paste and a tooth brush. All of which isn't much and fits in a small zip lock bag. :)

I've also got, as you can see, my Sylvester hat! :D I got it for Christmas and this is the PERFECT time to use it!! So me and the famous cat are off to the mountains! I'm also bringing two pairs of gloves, a scarf and another hat....just in case. I'm also bringing my swim suit because sometimes we go swimming in the hotels indoor pool! :D As far as entertainment goes I think that the mountains will be entertainment enough! But just in case I'm bringing my ancient MP3 player, two books and a small journal. I don't expect I'll need them but hey what the heck right? The George Washington book may be replaced though. It's old, from 1952 and I got it at a thrift store because I like vintage books. But it's not a very good read, mainly because it's shorter than it looks and I want something long. Who knows...I may bring LOTRs or Sherlock Holmes to keep me company. As for the WWII book it stays. I haven't finished it yet and every time I pick it up I find something new and interesting in it! :D

Over all I'm packing fairly light, though some of you may disagree. For me this is about as light as it gets...I've brought only the necessities. The only extra things are my books, journal, gold fish and Snowy stufty. What?! I'm sorry but when I go to sleep at night I need SOMETHING to hold. Not because I'm scared or the dark or something dumb like that...but because it's just how I sleep. I've got to be holding on to something and no it can't be a pillow. So yes, Snowy shall be accompanying me.

And I think that pretty much covers my packing list. Hopefully I haven't over, or under, packed! I doubt I've under packed...but you never know. Anyway please keep praying that we will have a safe and fun trip!

Your ever busy and happy blogger,


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James and Jacob said...

I hope you have a good trip. :)And please check your e-mail.