Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Excercise For Me.

Hi there blogger peeps!
Well as you can see from the title of this post I will be talking about exercise! Yay! Now most of you probably know that I am a TOTAL exercise nut! Well, now that I am over my Six Week Six Pack (and yes I now have a six pack) I am moving on to other Jillian Michael's workouts!
Now don't start saying that I'm crazy okay. I know that her stuff hurts...a lot...but I like pushing myself. I like knowing that I can survive her stuff and I also REALLY like getting results. Jillian has brought me nothing but results and now I feel really comfortable with my body! So that's why I have already started lining up my new workouts.
First and foremost I will be doing Yoga Meltdown. And while I know that her Yoga is a little more Cardio oriented I've heard that people really liked this one. So I'm going to give it a whirl. I've watched the trailer and I think that I'm going to really like it. Well after I do Yoga Meltdown I'm moving on to the harder Shred-It with Weights. Yes it's harder...way harder! But hopefully I'll manage it!! :D But you never know it may kill me. And then last but not least I'll do the hardest workout she's got...No More Trouble Zones. This is a FULL body workout and it's over an hour long! This will be the last of my lined up workouts. I won't stop if I finish this one...I will be looking for other awesome workouts to do. But for now this is all I've got! So hopefully I'll be able to finish all of these and hopefully my body will look even better after all of this is done!
So anyway, I've got to go for now. I'll see you later!!! :D
Your Crazy and Loving Blogger,


Aalya Rain said...

hi, i'm aalya. did u buy the dvds or rent them? how does it actually work? loved to know. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Aalya Rain!
It's nice to meet you and thanks for following my blog!! :D I rent the DVDs from Netflix and sometimes if, I like them, I go to Amazon and buy them.

Jillian's workouts are fairly straght forward, she doesn't waste your time with little moves that don't do much for you. She usually does circuts (about six minutes long or so) of about three or four diffirent moves. After a circut is done you move on to another one. The workouts are about 20-30 minutes long, however the No Trouble Zones is around an hour but in that DVD you get to choose what parts you do and don't do. Overall Jillian is hard but good and you get REALLY good results from her stuff! :D

Aalya Rain said...

thanks that helps a lot. :)