Monday, January 23, 2012

Guess who's going to the Mountains?!

And here I am once again, you're ever ecstatic blogger! Well, guess who's going to the mountains for a WHOLE weekend?! Yep, me you're crazy blogger!!!

Most of you readers probably remember my mentioning a trip up to the mountains for youth right? Well, that much anticipated trip has finally arrived! YAY! But some of you may be new or some of you may not have been there for that post. So I'll quickly lay the whole thing out for you!

In our youth group there is a trip that we take once a year for a BIG youth conference and it's held up in the beautiful mountains a few hours from Mayberry! :D While we're there we will enjoy ice skating, shopping, concerts, hiking, and even skiing! We may not go skiing as it splits the group up a lot during the trips...but seeing how the group is a LOT smaller this year due to some of the youth being in college and all...we may go!!! :D Hopefully I won't break my neck...but you never know!

Either way, we'll be leaving late Thursday (note I will still be Mayberry Munchkin Farming that day) and we'll be gone until late Sunday! :D I'm SO excited...and nervous!

I've never been out of state without my family before...yes we're goin out of state...and I'm more than just a little nervous. I don't plan on doing anything stupid or dangerous...but the fact is I'll be on my own with the youth group and I'm sorta freaking out!! But I'm praying that God will watch over me and I know that the youth leaders will be watching out for us. So hopefully everything will go smoothly.

But anyway, I'm really excited about this totally awesome trip. Unfortunately this means that I won't be able to post on here at all during those four days. I may squeeze a post in Thursday...but I doubt it. I'll probably be a little busy.

Don't despair though, my good friends Jacob and James from JandJproductions are going to write a guest post while I'm away!!! I've known these guys since I was eight and they are like brothers to me! So anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy their post! :D

Well, it's late and I'd probably better hit the sack. Tomorrow's a big BIG day! So pray that we will have a safe and fun trip and that the weather will hold out and that God will watch over us! Thanks! :D

Your ever loving and ever crazy blogger,


P.S. I'll post pics and a day by day narrative of my trip after I get back!


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