Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things I'm Happy About

How can something like life get in the way of the internet? Well pretty easily. Pinterest has actually taken a back seat for me as the semester has wore on. Well you know, trying to graduate with an Associates can do that to ya. Lots of classes lots of work.

But what other than school has sucked me under? Well 6 months with an amazing man will also do that for you. For the past six months I've been dating an amazing person.

Meet Ben. :) 3rd degree Black Belt and teacher, huge awesome nerd and my best friend.

So yes, spending time with someone can take time away from the Internet. But there are several things in my life right now that I am very happy about, things that are huge blessings. So as a quick post here they are. ;)

1) My awesome God
2) And amazing guy who buys surprises me with flowers, and tells me I'm beautiful everyday
3) Good friends who stick through thick and thin with me
4) My new kitten Marie
5) A good job where I am advancing
6) A new internship
7) New car coming up soon. :D :D Yes Ruby is getting really old now, so she will have to be replaced soon. :(
8) New camera--possibly a Canon 6D
9) Photography
10) New friends that have been made throughout the semester
11) Wisdom to handle hard situations did I get that? Simple got my butt kicked some
12) New adopted brother is adjusting well to home life!
13) Transferring to a new college and am rooming with my friend Kaley!! :D :D
14) Good smelling hand sanitizer
15) My new dress that I bought for a special occasion
16) Fall is finally here and it is getting colder! :D
17) Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged!
18) Plans to see dozens of new movies this winter
19) Double dates with sweet friends
20) I have finally turned 20!!!!! The big 2 0 !!!
21) The future--plans come in and out, anything can happen, but hopefully awesome, great, life changing things!
22) A new major that is better suited for me and that I think I can do very well in!
23) A's on ,my tests!
24) Flowers in my room. Two sets of them now!!! They are gorgeous!
25) Awesome movies. I am watching a new movie a week almost now!
26) Sharing my favorite shows with someone special
27) New nerdy friends at work and school


Jamie said...

Y'all are so cute oh my gosh! Great list of gratitude <3

So glad I follow you on Instagram; if I wasn't I would have thought you'd died, lol!!!! <3


Rogan said...

Hi Rebecca, Just leaving you my book blog link hope it works
God Bless Rogan