Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Query Update

 Well, your lovely blogger has returned yet again!

*Woof* There was corn everywhere...and I do mean everywhere! Our garden has started producing and corn and green beans have been coming in little by little until today the corn just EXPLODED and we ended up with corn all over the place. Well, to be clear, the corn silk was everywhere. On my clothes, the floor, in the sink--I even found some in my hair! How did that happen? Also, nothing is more fun than having a piece of silk fall on your bare arm and--believing it is a spider--having a crazy freak out dance in the middle of the kitchen while your family watches on with concerned faces. :) Heh, yea, I'm an interesting kitchen mate. 

Ever since we got a garden, I have never looked at popcorn the same way. 

Well enough about that, this is a entitled a 'Query Update' not 'A Garden Trauma Update'. 

Remember in my last post I said that I had found a whole list of agents to query? Well, I've been busy since then. I cannot say who I've queried unless the query police come in the middle of the night and cart me off to a secret prison! However, I can at least say that I'm very excited about these agencies! :D I won't hear back from them for probably a month or so, but I'm hoping for the best. People really like both agencies, and say they are very polite and professional! It's so important and wonderful to find places like that! 

I'm starting to get over my anxieties about sending in queries, I think that comes simply from practice, but it has helped to speed up my work. 

I really feel that fear was holding me back in that area, telling me over and over again that I wasn't doing something right--even though I had done the absolute best I could do and had been over my work a dozen times. Something that wasn't grounded in reality kept worrying over whether or not my wording was right or whether this particular agency was a good agency. Note: always check out agencies before you send to them. Just make sure that you have something they want and that they are a real agency and all. 

Anyway, to be fair, I wasn't experienced in writing query letters at first (no writer really is at the very beginning), but I was over stressing. 

However, after doing some more reading in my Bible, I began to realize that my fear wasn't grounded in reality. I was nervous and anxious over nothing but early query jitters! It was a huge relief to realize that! 
I began to understand that doing the absolute best I could do, and leaving the rest up to God (not an easy task for a control freak such as myself) was enough! 

Today I've already investigated an agency and sent out a query to an agent I really like! :D Granted, they may or may not accept me or ask for further material--but these are steps in the right direction! :D 

In further news, I have been reviewing my book again and I'm about to burst at the seems with excitement! To put it simply...I want to write the sequel...NOW! I've already written drafts of the second and third books--but now I want to write more of the second! My characters are feeling neglected! However, I still feel I should continue to query as much as possible. I'm still working on it, but I'm trying to devote most of my time to querying--however long that may take. 

I'm pretty sure that my friends and family on Facebook and so on are getting tired of me flooding their feed with dozens of 'just sent in another query letter!' posts! Updates are important in this field, but that doesn't mean they can sometimes be annoying! 

Before being covered in corn, I managed to have a nice long chat with my friend James from over at JandJProductions. We haven't seen each other in a while due to our now busy schedules, so it was really nice to get to talk for a while over the phone! We must have talked for an hour or so about various movies, TV shows, books and fandoms! Sheer bliss to be around someone who shares your interests! 

Our main topic of conversation seemed to be LOTRs....naturally! :)

Well, I'd better get back to sending out query letters!

Don't forget, the 'Book of the Month' will be tomorrow and the 'Lend Your Name Giveaway' winner will be announced on July 27th! 

I am really happy to see all of the giveaway entries, it's so exciting to get to meet so many new people, as well as have fun with old friends! A big thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word! You are all amazing! 




James The Movie Reviewer said...

"Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions" picture was hilarious! :D
Glad you called yesterday, that was fun to finally talk to you for a while. :)
Congrats on the contacting those agents.


Rebecca said...

It was really fun talking to you too! :D We have to chat more often! :D Thanks! Let's hope one of them actually likes what I sent them! :D