Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Platform

Ever feel like you are going to explode from excitement as well as from boredom? How can there be so much to do and so little one can do?

As you all know, I'm sending out query letters, but there is a LOT of preparation that must go into these endeavors, and a LOT of waiting afterwards. Tonight will probably be my very first query letter debut, and I'm sure I'll get turned down (you always do at first) but maybe, just maybe, the agent will tell me WHY they turned me down--you know, in six to eight weeks. In the meantime I've been running over various preparations while trying to educate myself on 'building a platform'. A platform is basically a fan base or following. Right now, my platform is nonexistent. I'm not really sure anyone even reads this blog anymore, so I may have to really start doing some heavy duty advertising to get it bumped up to normal. I deserve it I know, after leaving it abandoned for months on end! :(

But anyway, I've created a website for my book (insert a deep sigh of relief) and now I'm considering a Facebook page.

Before I go any further, let me just explain that now a-days (according to the 2013 writers market and the numerous info websites) writers are required to build their own platform and fan base. I read that one should create everything from a Twitter account (as I have already done) and a Facebook page with a website. Creating these outlets shows an agent that a writer is a career person and can attract their own following. So while it sounds pretentious and stuffy, it's actually quite necessary--plus really fun!

Getting to build and make all these fun websites is amazing! :D I'm no expert, but spending hours creating something online is awesome! :D I hope everyone will check out the new site HERE

As for the Facebook account, that's a really big step. I think I'll wait a few weeks before I step into that domain! I think I'll keep updating my Twitter feed and my website before I start pioneering into the vast world that is Facebook.

Also, since I'm trying to ramp up the platform, I will be trying to do more interviews with fellow authors as well as being open for interviews myself! :D If you want to be interviewed please let me know! :D

Right now I have to run however. Can you believe that for the past five nights I couldn't get to sleep until four    in the morning? The only way I'm still functioning is by jacking myself up on caffeine, but I'm already starting to feel the effects of not enough sleep and too many chemicals. :( Let's hope I can get some sleep tonight, if not things might get scary!

So until next time!

Your sleepless blogger,



Jamie said...

This is awesome! I'm going to go check out your website right now!! :D My prayers are with you!


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Jamie! :D I really REALLY appreciate your support! :D It means so much to me! :D