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Interview with Kaitlin

Hello readers, it's time for another interview here on Just me: Writing Edition! This time we are talking to Kaitlin from The Mistiness Of the Future-Actor, Writer, Dreamer about her exciting new book series! Geared towards teenage readers and filled with sci-fi; futuristic and a dash of fantasy, this story is sure to captivate!

Thank you to Kaitlin for allowing me to interview her about her book! 

1)What is your book about?
Oh gosh...this is a hard question. ^-^' Okay, without giving too much away, this is basically it: In the near future, AFTER a devastating war, a teenage girl is growing up in the after effects (although, they aren't as bleak as it might sound after a war).  Things have pretty much gone back to normal...or so everyone thinks. The main character goes on a normal business trip with her mother and best friend (because she has too)However, when they get to their destination, the main character starts noticing things are getting very weird around her. So instead of listening to her mother, she goes against all reason to find out who is trying to take control of the world and stop her world from collapsing around her. She finds that large corporations have started planting seeds of disruption to uproot the peace. But to match the growing threat, she slowly notices that she has powers. She is unsure if they are like superhero powers, or something...more. (DUN DUN DUN!!) :P (Sorry I couldn't help it.) Anyway, that is just book one. Over all, the story is about her finding out more about herself, and not being afraid to help everyone. She isn't like all heroes who just accept their job and save the world; she is scared.  On the way, she meets a certain group of people and she asks them to help. (I can't say who they are just yet.) The story progresses through other plot lines and weave into time and space. Literally! ;) She finally meets the antagonist of the first four books. The crossing of paths scars her permanently, and that sets the next four books in motion, where she accidentally lets the true villain on the loose. (That's all I can say without giving away the whole plot. :P )
Anyway, this is basically a story of finding what you are looking for, who you are, as well as your place in the world, and that you are allowed to love even if you don't feel worthy. <3 ^-^  (I'm not that good at descriptions. Sorry!)

2) Who are your main characters?
(Does that mean personality?) Again, since I don't want to reveal the name just yet, let's call her "M". :) M is the protagonist of this story. (She starts out turning 14 in the second chapter, and progresses to be 17 in the last book.) She is basically an average person, though she can be quite apathetic. Her emotions fluctuate at random times, she is an introvert, she loathes violence, she gets freaked out easily, she shies away from attention, she's curious, gets embarrassed easily, she believes she is to blame for everything, and she thinks she has to fix every problem herself. She doesn't exactly realize it, but she is mentally damaged to some extent. Most everyone is.

The next character is "E". She is M's best friend. (She begins being 13 and ends up 16 in the final installment.) Her personality is: outgoing, crafty, teasing, violent, energetic, tomboyish, hungry(always), commanding, demanding, and caring.

The next two characters aren't really main characters, or villains, but they play an important part in this story, so I'll mention them here.  There is the boy: "N". And the girl "C". N is an older teenager(19). He has a artificial outer personality to which he uses when he is around the protagonist, which leads her to believe he has some secret. Since he is so closemouthed, his true personality is a mystery. C is his girlfriend. She is bubbly, kind, supportive, and friendly. Though she seems like a ditz, there is more to her than it seems.

There is also another character I will call "D" (age 15). He doesn't appear til book 2. He is a main character, who might be even more important than the M. The choices he makes change everything. :) He is tied to every character in my book, (big or small) and is one of the most important gears in this story. I will try to explain his personality, but it is hard because he is sort of a mystery wrapped in a enigma. :P He is intense yet calm, strategic, pacifist, cool and calculating, oddly good at many things, trained in fighting for one reason or another, kind, protective, he is not easy to anger, and strangely happy/sad. (My sister and I like him the best out of all the characters. :P So I would suppose you will too! :D Though for me personally, it's a tie between D and M. ^-^ And don't worry!!! He is NOT a Mary-Sue. And not cliched. ^-^ )

3) Who is your villain?
(I can't really answer this since the villain does not appear until a later book, but I'll try my best to describe him.)  We'll call him "Z". No one knows his exact age, though he looks like he's in his very early twenties. One basic way to describe him is: an oxymoron who is a bit crazy. (More of insane, actually.) Though he is also: very cold, quite creepy, likes elegance, a captivating person, commanding, and loves to play with everyone as if they were a bunch of pieces on a chess board. He thinks of everything as a game. He is one of the....more "interesting" characters in my entire story. I find him quite enigmatic. (That's all I can say for now.)

There are four other villains who aren't as big/evil as Z. First is "G". She is a calculating woman who wants nothing more than power, and she is almost void of emotion except anger, triumph, and pride.

Second is another "C" But I'll call this one "CV" because he is a villain.  CV is a team member along with "S" who work for "G". CV is closed off from the world, and only follows orders without protest. "S" is a crazy, violent, hot headed, and mentally hurt girl. She and CV are both a good team, but they don't know how to do anything but work for G. And they have many run-ins with M throughout the course of the story.

Lastly is "B". He is my least developed character, though I can say he is greedy, selfish, power hungry, and a sociopath. He appears in book 1 and is the antagonist.

4) What genre does your book fit into?
Wow. This is even harder than the first question! :P Okay, well it is sort of this: a futuristic, low fantasy, sci-fi. Though the sci-fi elements don't exactly appear til later books.  And I would find it nice to know some other books in this field, because I've never read one like mine. :)
One other thing: IT IS NOT A DYSTOPIAN!!! More of a post ALMOST dystopian. ;)

5) What age range of readers are you trying to reach?
Teens. Or anyone who wants to read it, though preferably 14 and up, because I can't be responsible if people don't like mild language. And it is necessary, because I don't think if you were getting attacked you would go and give your attacker a daisy, now would you? (Lol! :P) You might say something in the spur of the moment; I'm just trying to be realistic even though I don't like cussing. ^-^ But there isn't much, luckily.

6) What style is your book written in? Is it first person? Is it third?
Humorous, soft, warm and cold, emotional, creative, and oddly innocent. ^-^'' Hopefully I'm describing it correctly.
It is in first person. Originally, I had it in 3rd, but it just didn't sound right. It was like I couldn't convey my character's thoughts and feelings the way it was then. So I switched over to 1st and it felt so much more realistic!

7) Is this a single book or a series?
A series.  There is four books, a break and then another four. :) So eight in all.

8) What are your goals for this book(s)? Is it just for fun or is it for publication?
PUBLICATION!!!! :D I want people to read it. I think it would be amazing to go and look in a library or bookstore to see my OWN work on the shelf. I would just be so happy! And I've written this for fun as well. Writing is one of the best things EVER! I highly recommend it! :D

9) Why will readers love your book?
Because hopefully, they will be able to connect with the characters, and understand why situations are turning out the way they do. I also hope they like the plot, and my writing style. It seems similar to a lot of authors I know and I wish that it could be accepted by an audience. I just really want a few people to like it. :) There also won't be much romance, because I'm not the best at writing it (unless it's very humorous and teasing) and I don't have the main character fall in love the very SECOND she sees the guy she likes. Because I like build up, and originally, she is just oblivious to the fact she likes him. ;) Though, for those who like romance, I do put a lot of stuff you will like in it!! :D

10) Where did the idea for your book come from?

How the state of the world is in right now. I was frustrated one day, and said I wished I could be the one to fix everything, and BAM! I got an idea! :D
 What if a person had superpowers who could help fix political things instead of ONLY fighting evil bad guys from other dimensions, like in books I've read. :)

11) What is your inspiration?

MUSIC! I like to listen to it while writing scenes. If the scene is dark, I listen to dark music. If it is happy, I listen to happy music and etc... Also, I read and watch movies. I try my hardest not to copy anyone, but I do get ideas from other stories and it helps a lot. :D

12) Any writing tips for fellow authors?

DON'T beat yourself up about your work not being immediately amazing. (I am guilty of this. And I need to stop it. ;) Just keep writing and writing and writing and writing and writing and writing....
ANYWAY, make sure you enjoy yourself and don't try to do too much at once! Take it slow so that your story comes out as amazing as it can. Nothing is perfect, and nothing ever will be, so just do your best! ^-^

A huge thank you to Kaitlin at The Mistiness of the Future-Actor, Writer, Dreamer for letting me interview her! 

If anyone else would like an interview, or knows anyone who would like to be interviewed, please leave a comment below or visit the Interview page for further information! 


Misty Kasumi* said...

Thanks for letting me do this!! :D
So you classified my story as Sci-Fi? :O I don't remember saying that...but okay! :D

And you have a website for your book, right? Is it out yet? And where can I read it? :)
Thanks again!!


Shena Tokala said...

Great interview! :D Thanks for interviewing my sister :D
And yes, I agree, I love D!!! :D He's awesome! :D
I've read some of the book series and it's really good :D.

Shena Tokala said...
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Misty Kasumi* said...

I love "D" too!!! :D I think most people will.


Rebecca Wilder said...

Hi, Misty!

I'm so glad you like the interview! If you want me to take out the 'sci-fi' mistake I can! Sorry about that! :(

Yep, the website link is below the header. My book isn't out just yet, but I'm in the query letter stage! So good to know that someone would want to read it! :D

Hey, Maegen!

It was my pleasure to interview you both! Thanks for putting us in touch! :D If you know anybody else who might like to be interviewed then please don't hesitate to tell me! :D I love doing these interviews, you get to meet so many new and amazing people and learn about their work! :D

Misty Kasumi* said...

It's alright! But so that the audience understands, it would be nice if you could say: low fantasy/futuristic since there isn't any space related stuff until a later book. :D But you can leave the sci-fi there since it technically has sci-fi in it!! :D

Yay! I can't wait to read your book! And how did you make that website anyway? It was SO COOl!


Rebecca Wilder said...

Okay! I'll make sure to put that in! :D

Thanks, I'm glad you like the site! :D I made it on the Weebly, they guide you through making websites and it's really fun and free! :D You just create an account and they help you do the rest! :D

Misty Kasumi* said...

Thanks so much!!! :D