Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rewriting Chapter Twenty Eight

Well, I was in the middle of rewriting chapter twenty eight when I suddenly got the feeling all writers dread. The "I'm NOT doing this right" syndrome. Ughh...nothing like getting in the middle of a difficult chapter and then feeling like your just not doing in quite right.
As you know. My book is in the middle of its fourth while there are fewer and fewer chapters I'm not totally satisfied with--there are still a LOT of giants I have to conquer. Chapter twenty eight was one of those giants.
You see, I'm currently dealing with a very fun side character to's just...well, I haven't written him in SO long and he's...kind of eccentric. I have to 'be in the mood' or better yet, 'get my teeth into the character' before I can write him. And while there are parts of his dialogue that I think I got...there are still some pieces that just aren't fitting. Also, I think I accident got SO focused on writing the dialogue for this difficult character that I forgot to insert my lead in. Right now Hanna just sorts of sit a big lump waiting for eccentric character and Alan to stop arguing. She doesn't really insert her thoughts in and, to me it seems (correct me if I'm wrong), when your telling a story in first person it's very important to insert your lead's thoughts into the situation. Because after all, we girls have opinions about don't we? :)
I don't like 'just moving on', but I think that for the moment I should do just that. I should push forward for a moment and give the chapter some breathing room. When my mind is clearer and I've come up with some more ideas...I'll come back to it again and try to rework it. That's what I did with the first several chapters of my book and now I'm very happy with those!
But, difficult chapter aside, I'm very excited with the fact that draft four has reached 50,000 words! YAY! I'm only halfway through part two--is that a good thing or a bad thing? I've been told that as a writer I can be too verbose. Maybe I should try holding back a little? What do you fellow authors think?
But yes,I'm at 50,000 words and very happy! :D Who knows how long this thing is going to be once I'm finished! 0_0 My poor, half dead, little printer is going to have a heart attack when it's time to print this draft out!
Anyway, I just wanted to share some writing progress with you guys! I'm still enjoying the idea of having an All Writing Blog! It's very exciting so far! :D
Thanks for your comments and I hope you will enjoy my future posts!
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