Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Ideas Than Time!

Have you ever been right in the middle of a intense project when suddenly, a tiny idea started to work its way into your head? Have you ever had that happen? Well....I have.
I've been working on Book One of my new trilogy for some time now, writing out chapters, revising chapters and adding crucial details to the story. But every time I take a break from Book One, even if it's only for one day, this other story idea seeps back into my mind and--once again--starts driving me bonkers.
The reason this story idea has been driving me bonkers is because, for the longest time, I couldn't come up with a plot for it. You see, this book has an interesting situation--to which there are no really obvious solutions. So what was I to do? I wrote down idea after idea and draft after draft but nothing really stuck. Nothing worked...until yesterday that is!
Yesterday, I started jotting down some ideas while I was on campus. Don't worry, I wasn't in class. Anyway, I was jotting down some ideas between classes and suddenly this story idea popped back into my brain. As you can imagine....the usual dread followed. Nothing like having a story you don't have a plot for come running back into your mind. But never the less, I started jotting down ideas in my Idea Note Book.
My Idea Note Book is a little red notebook my mother bought me a week ago that I put all my ideas in. It's nearly full I'm happy/sad to say!
Anyway, I wrote down quite a few ideas actually--and when I got home I ran some by my mom, you know, just to see if they were actually any good. My mom's great in that she lets me talk to her about book ideas. Well, we started talking and she started to come up with some really awesome ideas and after a while all the dots were connected! The very loose framework of a plot was right there on the notebook and in my head!
Needless to say I was thrilled! :D Thanks a MILLION to mom! What would I do without her?
So now I have to continue stringing the plot along until I have an actual plot! Problem is....what about Book One?! I've been working on that book for ages now! I can't just abandon it!
I thought about Book One for a while--trying to think about what I could do. At last I realized that I could probably work on both. Seeing how this other book doesn't have a concrete plot just yet. I could probably be working on the plot of the new book while writing the old one! I'll still continue Book One onward to publication (hopefully), meanwhile secretly nurturing this other book until its own time comes (if at all) to step out into the world!
I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys before I head off to the dentist. Yea, I've either got a cavity starting (which is weird cause I try to take very good care of my teeth) or one of my older fillings has fallen out (you know, one of the few I got when I was younger). They probably won't do anything to it today (which is fine cause it doesn't really hurt). I'll just have to come back another time to actually have something done about it.
Sorry I've gotten out of the habit of posting again. College dumped a HUGE amount of homework on me this past week and again this week! However, I'm happy I'm not behind at all! But I'm still going to have to do two math units and read a English story and answer questions today. *Le sigh* Maybe I can squeeze some posting/writing into my time schedule?
Well, I've really got to run! Teeth don't fix themselves!
This has been your crazy and happy blogger,

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