Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blog Change blog elves are certainly on strike!
As you may or may not have noticed, I've been changing my blog design...but for more reasons than just the fact that Valentines Day is approaching (note to self, get valentines for the family and friends!)
But anyway...the other reasons. Well, I haven't been satisfied with the format and topic choices of my blog. I feel that it's too rambling--too out of focus and of no value to anyone other than myself. So I wanted to change that. I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to figure out a way to change my blog. And last hit me!
I decided that I would give my blog one fixed topic. I had thought about this for a while--as I said--but, I couldn't figure out what topic I would write about. So after a while...last night the idea came to me!
What topic was I already interested in that other people could also find interesting and helpful? Well, the answer was WRITING!
Yea, I know...a lot of people don't find writing interesting. But I've met so many wonderful people who DO find writing interesting! (You all know who you are!) And I LOVE a good writing blog myself. So I decided I would turn my blog into a writing least for a little while to see if it works!
On this blog I will post about the writing process and share awesome articles that I find! I will still have some things in my posts about my personal life...but only if it's something really excited. Other than that I will be posting about writing my book (with an eye this year towards editing and publication.), sharing articles and posting anything that has to do with writing.
So that's about all I have to say right now. I've caught a minor cold...and a stomach I'm tired. But I'll continue working on my blog...I kind of have to seeing how my blog elves are on strike! LOL!
But my goal will ultimately be to help and inspire fellow authors--as so many WONDERFUL bloggers have inspired and helped me! :D
But what do you think of the "One Blog Topic" idea? Any tips on how to make it work? Readers opinions? Please let me know and don't worry about offending me or anything. I've got a pretty thick skin with this stuff. (Have to seeing how I'm a writer). Anyway, please let me know!
This has been your sick yet happy blogger


Rissi said...

Feel better, Rebecca! Hope your illness doesn't plague you for long.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Rissi!

I hope I'll be better soon too! I've still got some college homework to do!

Jamie said...

I love this new idea of yours! Because of sickness and family drama I've been majorly distracted from my own blogging and book writing but hopefully I'll get back to both soon! I'm looking forward to seeing where your blog goes in the meantime!


Rebecca said...

Thanks! So glad you like the idea, Jamie!
Me too...with college and illness I've neglected my blog horribly. Hopefully this will get me back on track! I hope things calm down for you and I look forward to more of your amazing blog posts!

James The Movie Reviewer said...

Sounds like a good idea. :) "Dobby is a free Elf!" You should be using the poor house elfves as slaves. lol =P


Rebecca said...

I'm glad you like the idea, James! Yea...I've been meaning to free all the little guys but really...who has that many extra socks lying around? LOL!