Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Update in the Life of Me!

You know how I promised these little updates from time to time? Well, here's the first one! But don't worry...it's going to be pretty short. I mean, there's a LOT to tell you...but I've got somewhere I have to be! So please excuse any and all errors in this post! I'm trying to proof read them now but I just don't have time to do this one!
Besides working my butt of with my--now many--books, I have been busy with everything from College to plays!
College has been going very well, I think I'm adjusting alright. Of course, it's taken time to get used to the way things work there and the types of people I encounter--but as a whole it's been very nice. In fact, I'm just about to go off to college right now! Don't worry, I've got plenty of time before I actually have to be out the door (note I'm posting this at 6:45 and I got up at 5:30!). I'm looking forward to my chocolate mocha between classes! :) I used to get a medium mocha but had to switch to a small because, apparently, mochas have a shot of espresso in them! 0_0 Which, as you can imagine, resulted in a very serious twitch! (I'm NOT kidding!)
But caffeine highs aside...I'm enjoying it so far and I'm getting good grades! :D So wish me luck today! :D Trust me...I'll need it...I've got a math test today! :( I studied with my tutor yesterday and this past week, so I hope I get a good grade! :)
As for the play, I was lucky enough to get another part in one of my home town theater's productions! This year it's the Dixie Swim club. Yeah, I know...I've never heard of it either...but I'm in it! I'm playing the younger counterpart of Jerri Neal (and YES that is a girl's name!)! It's actually a bigger part than I got last year! Yay! I'm having so much fun getting to see and hang out with some of the peeps from Oklahoma! I can't wait to show you pictures of it all....well, as soon as there are pictures that is! :)
I've also been busy with more photo shoots! Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King are trying to set up days when we can go on some more shoots! They are sending me the pictures from our last trips and needless to say...I'm in love with them! Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King are wonderful photographers and I just can't wait to go hang out with them again!
But now I've got to run, class to go to and papers to turn in! But before I go...I just wanted to ask: How does everybody like the new topic choice? Do you find my posts and links on writing helpful or boring? Please don't be shy and leave me comment! I love to hear from my readers and DON'T worry about offending me! I'm a writer and we have to be used to criticism!
So thanks for your comments in advance!
Your busy blogger,


Jamie said...

Glad college is going well for you! :)

To answer your question; I do love your blog topic change, but I do have a suggestion. Sometimes you post too many posts on the same day and it makes it hard to go read all the articles that you share and I end up not getting to half of them. If you simply saved your posts and then posted slowly over the week it would be much easier to handle! :)


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Good to hear your collage is going well. :) I agree with Jamie on all the posts in one. You know that I am not a writer but I think your still interesting.


Solace Utara said...

I'm glad you're going fine :) I agree with the two comments on top of me too :D

Rebecca said...

Hi Guys!
Thanks SO much for the suggestions! :D I agree that I'm posting too many posts too close together! From now on I'll try to pace out my posts! :D

Thanks SO much guys and I'm glad you like the topic change! If you have any more suggestions let me know! :D