Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My 'New' Room!

You know how I said I would post pictures of my "new" room? Well, you were forewarned!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is my room's new look!
That's my new IKEA bed--I love it though I'm still trying to figure out how to sleep on it! I mean, after you go from sleeping on a tiny, cramped, little twin bed to a huge, spacious full bed--you notice a difference!
 Yea, the brown and black just WEREN'T working for me. It was time for a well deserved up grade!
I got the Keep Calm poster online for a buck--plus two dollar shipping. Pretty good for a poster that is usually nine dollars. I'm going to replace my lanterns with light up ones as soon as I can.
My vanity has stayed put. No changes there. Though I did move my radio.
 My infamous 'back wall'. This wall is very large and therefore it's hard--make that impossible to find decorations for. My first instincts were to go with this:
Then I moved into This:
 Pic's a little blurry. Sorry about that! Note: The damask vase isn't staying there. That's just it's temporary home until I can find a better place to put it--AKA a safe place to put it.
And yes, I do have a slight fascination with any and all things British and my room does reflect it.
The bureau is gone and my dresser (formerly mirror + dresser) has taken it's place. I took the mirror down a few weeks ago when my posters came in. Not a fun job. Easy enough--just dangerous. The mirror was armed! Yes, the mirror was equipped with long--sharp--metal spikes that helped hold it in place at the back of the dresser. All groans, fun and blood aside--I shouldn't have worn shorts for THIS particular project!
The bookshelf has been moved several feet to the left. Also it's library has been enhanced. Save for one woeful exception. Yea, I bought Twilight. Bad judgement on my part.
Yea, Lego Indiana Jones poster from when I was twelve. I didn't even realize that was back there! Ha, that brings back some childhood memories! :)

This is my little reading corner. It's not a very good picture but hey it gets the point across. And look! Josh Hutcherson!! :D
This is my new desk area. The desk used to be where my reading area is now but since the bed is so big I had to move it. It works pretty good from over here. What'd you think? I'm posting to you from it right now! :)

This is my bedside table. I had to sit in my reading chair to get this shot. No I'm not posting a pic of the chair. Yes, it's covered in junk. Another project! 0_0

But all the work--and mucho dinero--aside it was totally worth it!! :D After a long year of renovations my room is finally (or at least I assume) done! :D 

So what'd you think? I'm completely in love with it--though it still has some touching up to do. I know I just got off of saying it was done but that's for all the major stuff. There are still a few things here and there I have to fix. Fortunately the only thing that I think is going to cost me any more money is going to be the new lanterns. Hopefully.

But that's about it for now. I'm still really excited about my big secret! I'm still in the excitement stage with it. Oh well, it's something worth being excited about! :D

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pics and I'll chat at you later!!

Your ever busy and happy blogger,



James The Movie Reviewer said...

The room looks great! :D The Brit poster looks good too.


Solace Utara said...

You have an awesome room <3 I don't even have my own. Anyway, a TinTin poster? My friend is a huge fan :D

Jamie said...

I loved the little tour of your room! I share a room with my sister and we have so many movie posters up that you can't even see the walls! :P I love what I can see out your window too, green, green, green, green, and trees. I look out my window and bam! There's the neighbor's roof! LOL