Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Pop Tic Tacs Like they are Real Pills and Write About Being Healthy.

Something is just not right with that picture. A messy slobby me dressed in simply gym shorts and a ratty play T-shirt, hair pulled into a dilapidated updo that hangs to one side, scrunched over a computer pecking out a post about my thoughts and struggles over healthier goals. Ahhh sweet college life I have reached your finest hour.

But what's the deal about the health stuff? As most people know I'm a sucker for a sour gummy worm, a Mountain Dew, and the large fry. Why am I writing about health???? Mainly because somehow, during the chaotic two weeks that crawled from both heaven and hell, I accidentally slipped into it. Perhaps it was by some miracle, or simply because I needed better nutrition to survive--either guess is probably about 50% accurate.

Over the past two months, I've been making some healthier choices. Less carbs, more protein and veggies--blah blah blah the basic usual. But a few things that I've done have really helped, and those do not directly pertain to the more veggies less carb rule. They are these simple four things. I'm not doing five because five is cliche and already this post veers towards it--one less cheesy rounded off number the better.

1) No Takeout

Now this one makes my own skin shiver a little--as previously stated love me some waffle fries. But honestly this rule really REALLY worked for me. Take out is, and I think most people would agree, not the best of choices despite its delicious appeal. So cutting it out actually helped a lot. My stomach felt a million times better--I had been getting sick a lot, so without the extra greasy food once or twice a week I saw a big improvement. I eventually got to the point where I really didn't crave it, even when everyone else was enjoying it I was content to each a plain sandwich or homemade salad. The extra weight I'd put on over the past semester fell off like no ones business, which felt great.

2) More Exercise--but Not as Much High Intensity

As my boyfriend has previously pointed out---many many times--exercise is great, but high intensity isn't always so good. Doing Jillian DVDs is still my ultimate love, my favorite exercise, but they are high intensity, very toiling on the body. In the past two months I've pinched a nerve in my knee over eight times, hurt my back severely about two times, and somehow wrenched my arm--still figuring out how I managed that one. I am careful with workouts, I follow what is done to the letter and I don't do stupid things, but occasionally you get hurt, that's what happens with high intensity workouts. have to mix them in with lower intensity. For example.

So far this week I've done about three days of Jillian, the other days I used on running-which is a lighter workout for me--and swimming which was extremely nice. Mixing these lighter days with the harder ones actually insured that I worked out every day! It kept me from getting injured, which was nice and meant I could actually move the next day, and strengthened areas that my DVD was missing. Very very nice.

3) I Actually Did Eat more Veggies--and Fruits Cause I Love Sweets

Yea, I did adhere to the eat more good stuff rule--mainly in the fruit department though. Ate a lot of those, and that, on top of the less greasy food, really helped my stomach to stop hating everything I put in it, and then threatening to send it back up.

Mainly I got addicted to grapes and basically any type of berry. Lots of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, you name it I started replacing candy and so forth with those.

4) Candy Only Once a Week or Once Every Two Weeks:

Again, pretty much no brainer but hey, cutting out a few sweets a week really helps. Now I only have a few treats every now and again and always carefully controlled.

I'm still having trouble with caffeine. I crave it every morning, get awful headaches, and feel lousy until my veins are basically filled with caffeine and hyperactivity. And an ultimate fitness goal would be to eliminate it from my diet completely, and I have had a few no caffeine days, some good some not so good. I have pretty much switched from soda to coffee, which is good, and I am working towards only drinking a little coffee a day.

All in all I'd say I'm happy with my results---though two days ago I had my first takeout in months and had a chick fil'a with waffle fries. I haven't worked out today because my cat is using my yoga mat as a bed and I'm tired from running errands. We all have "down" days. ;)

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I'm so proud of you for doing your best! I know it feels really really awesome!!! :D

Talk to you tomorrow...