Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Agents Move at Their Own Pace

Agents move at their own pace, working their way through miles of manuscripts and queries while managing their own client list. This is a lesson I am currently having to learn.

I have always been a planner, someone who would rather things be mapped out and secure than floating around in the breeze. But no matter how useful a planner may be to a gathering or project, they are often forced to relearn an age old lesson:

The world and our good Lord don't operate on the same time schedule as us.

This is a fact of life that I am currently living with. My over anxious nature, and natural tendency towards over preparation, have me up at nights, tossing and turning over every sentence in my query letters and whether or not an agent will even open the email that I spent so many hours preparing. However, I'm learning, and that's an important step.

It's not yet time for my queries to close, I have at least two more weeks. After that I am going to start querying again. I've stopped briefly because many agencies don't like simultaneous submissions, so I have to wait for my old queries to close before I can do others. I already have several picked out, but, like I said, I have to wait two more weeks before I can start up again!

This long period of waiting has given me time to hang out with my friends and have some experiences worth writing about!

I got to see The Lone Ranger with my friends James and Jacob.

It was good, not great, but good. I enjoyed it and it was a fun movie to see with friends. However, I must say, I cared very little for the story and absolutely hated the character of the Lone Ranger. He was too big of a weenie for me. Also, I didn't like all of the agendas that were worked into the story. Evil business men who built America; evil and crazy Christians who hated the Indians. Oh yea, wonderful. Then the whole love triangle was actually a little creepy. I won't say what it was, but just think about the Twilight love triangle, you know, where Bella was in love with Edward and Jacob and then she married Edward and had a daughter--who Jacob then imprinted on? Yea, creepy. 

I also got to have a girls movie night with my amazing friends Hannah, Clara and Jessie! We went up to Griffin and saw Despicable Me Two!

I know, teenage girls going to see a kids movie...but this was part of our childhood so we wanted to watch the conclusion. :) Also, it's good to be a kid once in a while. 

It was good, cute mainly and a definite girly movie. We loved the humor and the conclusion to the story. I though the story could have been a bit better, but other than that it was really good. It was really nice to see Gru growing more into the father role and (eventually) another role as well! :D

Beyond that I've also been to a museum in Atlanta on a day trip with my family. No picture sadly, but fun none the less. My cousin was really interested in seeing all of the dinosaurs in the museum--and went crazy when he finally found a room filled with life size dinosaur replicas! It was so cute! He went to each one and tried--with surprising success--to say their names! Way to go little Michael! 

I also had a full day of friends yesterday. Everyone except Clara (her little sister was sick :( ) was there! We had a great time, although, James and I nearly pulled our hair out as we tried to get Skype to work on my computer. We never succeeded, though I do now have a Skype account that I can access via our family Ipad! If anybody wants to Skype sometime let me know! :D 

As of right now, however, I'm sick. Oh yea, once again this summer I've caught a cold. So far this one isn't as bad as the first one--seeing how I haven't totally collapsed and wallowed in my own germs. I've stayed in bed, but that's about it as of right now--I really don't want to get my little sister or brother sick, so I'm being really careful with lots of hand sanitizer! Of course, hand sanitizer didn't help me when it came to NOT getting sick! Of course, there is only so much that stuff can do. 

When we went to the museum, there were at least six camp groups there and a ton of other unsupervised children who were coughing and sneezing at every turn. I used up a whole bottle that day. Then there were lots of kids a the theater who were coughing--again, used a lot of my new bottle. Then, yesterday, Mrs. Darcy (Clara's mom) said that Clara's littlest sister was sick, and then another lady came over for tea and one of her kids broke out in a fever while they were over. Again, used hand sanitizer but there is only so much it can do. 

So as of now I'm hold up in my room with a sore throat and a groggy head. Not fun. I'm just glad that this happened on a week when there really wasn't anything I had to do. Next week my mother and I are supposed to go shopping for back to school clothes, then on the first week of August I'm going to the beach! 

I'm very excited! It has been years since we went to the ocean for a vacation, and I plan on using it as an opportunity to catch up on some of my writing. 

You see, when my family goes on vacations, we don't rush on sight seeing tours or to the most popular hot spots, we go to a private beach and spend several long, relaxing days in our own condo. I'm really looking forward to visiting a few of the shops around town! :D 

As for now, though, I'm very tired and I'd like to use some of my remaining energy in writing. Please forgive all of the grammar and spelling mistakes this post has, I'm just too tired to fix them. :( 

Until next time,

Your sick and busy blogger,


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