Saturday, July 20, 2013

'4 Worst Pieces of Advice for Young Writers' and Questions

I know I haven't posted articles for a long time, and don't really intend to use them very much anymore, but I found this one rather interesting! If you would like to see more articles, let me know, other wise I will try to post about other stuff. Also, I was thinking about posting about some of my new DIY projects. I know that a lot of people are interested in that, and I myself have been wanting to do more DIY, but I was wondering if you guys would like that? I'm just trying to fill the gaps between the queries!

Anyway, enjoy the article!


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Where is the link to the article? Also JT should be contacting you soon about the interview. :)


Rebecca said...

Hey, James!

I was trying to get it to work via the picture, like I'd seen in some other blogs. First time doing it that way though, and I guess it didn't work. :( Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know though! :D

Thanks so much for contacting JT! I'm looking forward to interviewing him! :D