Tuesday, May 21, 2013

List of Agents

Well, change of plans, I've decided that I will be looking for an agent to represent my book!
I've discovered that there actually are a LOT of agents who will read a proposal for your book, and even the manuscript, for free! (These are legitimate agents people! :D ) I've since decided to send in a query ( a letter talking about my book) to a few agents and see what responses I get.
I used the 2013 Writer's Market to find a total of sixteen agents--though I am sure I will need more and I have already sought out another source of literary agents for further guidance. (The 2013 Guide to Literary Agents) But in the meantime I will be learning to write a query to send to potential agents. I'll make sure to post about it and let everyone know about the dos and donts (which I have yet to learn)!
Also, for all you writers who are ready to start looking into publication, I strongly recommend the Writer's Market 2013 (most recent version) book! It gives you all the information you could ever want to know about book publishing, writing, editing and agents! So far, I've found it very helpful and informative! It's really saved me from stumbling around in the dark!
I've picked out three agencies that I really like, but I know that I probably won't get a "Yes we'd love to represent you' in return. First off I'm unpublished, so things are very difficult in that arena, and it just takes a long time to find the right person to represent you--and who wants to! Right now I just want to see if an agent even thinks the book is marketable right now, which I really hope it is. I may include this in my query, but I'm not sure.
I've learned a few things though. 1) Agent's DON'T respond immediately, they take a few weeks or months to do so, depending on the size of their agency. 2) They don't usually want manuscripts, they want queries, as mentioned previously. If they like your letter, then they will ask to see the completed work, past that I'm unsure.
Also, the 2013 Writer's Market said that you should start a platform, or a fan base for your work. Writers should create hype for their book, but that's after its been accepted I'm sure. I'm still reading about that. Next time I visit the library I will study more on that as well as look for more agents.  
Next on the 'To Do List' is print the book and give it to a few test readers, while simultaneously choosing a few agencies and practicing writing a query. As mentioned before, I've found three that I think I will start with, but first things first, get the story to the test readers and write a query! :)
But I have been doing some things other than writing, just for a brief vacation I guess you could say.
My aunt has gotten her in ground pool up and running and we will be heading over there this weekend. Jessie and I are already getting ready! My preparations included getting a new bathing suit that I really like. I won't post pics cause it's a bikini (yes I finally got one) but I have officially started sun bathing to try and get a tan before pool days! Seriously, I'm really pale! Not that I want to look like a piece of leather, but I just want a nice little tan.
So today I spent a hour reading 'Beautiful Creatures' while listening to Eisley and the Civil Wars--and txting my friends Hannah and Jessie. However it wasn't a complete vacation, I did sneak in a previously printed version of my work to review and edit--heh heh, I guess my mind wouldn't let me completely escape just yet!
Oh well, at least I've started a tan and I'm looking forward to another hour in the sun tomorrow. But I must say, I will probably need some new songs on my MP3 player--I've listened to the old ones a hundred times! 0_0
Oh, and before I forget, please check out my new 'non writing' blog at http://lunaticsings.blogspot.com/
But be warned, my complete weirdness is going to really show there!
Also, I've created a Twitter account (with my pen name, sorry!) and the link is in the side bar near the top! Please stop by and say hey! :D
That's all for now!
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Jamie said...

I am really enjoying your recent posts, Rebecca! I'm looking forward to watching your journey to publication begin! My prayers are with you! :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, Jamie! :D That means a LOT to me! :D