Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Novel Update

I had just finished writing my previous post when I realized I hadn't given y'all an update on my novel project. I do realize that not many people enjoy reading about someone else's writing progress. But I'm hoping that my journey to (hopefully) future publication will inspire and be helpful to other authors. Though at the moment I'm just some unknown sending rambling words off into the wide world of the Internet. Never the less I will proceed.
Writing has been great these past two months. In fact I've finished my draft four that I started back in January! It took a lot longer than usual to finish but I managed to crawl to the finish line last Tuesday. Needless to say, I was THRILLED! Finishing a novel, even if it's a novel you've written over and over and over again, is a gratifying experience no matter how long your story ended up being! :D
This time Book One ended up being 86,235 words and seventy one chapters. Talk about a 30,000 word jump from the original manuscripts!
As is the case with many authors, I discovered a whole new way I wanted to take my story. I'm happy to say that it was a good road to take--but still was/is a little too long.
Normally, getting a book to the 80,000 word mark is a huge deal! I mean, most would see that as pretty impressive! However, publishing companies do NOT see it as a good thing; especially not YA publishers.
Young adults don't want to read a seventy one chapter book. They want something that is quick, to the point and interesting. Bottom line: My book is too long.
Now comes the time when I have to bring out the hack saw and start tearing away unnecessary parts of the story. I've started a Draft Five and so far it's been smooth sawing, but that doesn't mean it can't change. Today's been productive though! I've managed to get well into Part Two and the story is already much shorter and easy to read!
I haven't printed this draft out yet...nor do I intend to until I am completely done with it. You see, I suffer from this thing I like to call 'The Print Out Curse'...whenever I print out a book I immediately want to be done with it and I lose the urge to write on it. So I've made myself promise to wait to print this one out! As for the other bigger draft...I don't think I can print that one out. It's just TOO big! 
And since the book is getting so close to the finish line, I'm going to start letting people read it! My sweet friend Hannah has already agreed to read it for me. She's a very good book critic and gives me a unbiased honest opinion. I know that some people may doubt this as truth...but she really does. Hannah's brutally honest about this kind of stuff, which is what makes her such a good critic! I've got a few other select test readers lined up as well! Of course, I still have to finish this draft before I can start handing the book out.
But it's late now, and I've spent enough time on here. Wouldn't want to bore you guys!
So until next time!
Your busy and happy blogger,


Solace Utara said...

Good luck on continuing!
I don't think that's too long; Hunger Games is about the same size.
Which reminds me; I need to work on mines.

Alyianna said...

Been a while since I was here last! (Sorry about that.) Love the picture - very cute. Whenever I hear about YA readers not liking anything long, I'm like, "Children nowadays. Their minds are formed by the television. I'LL WRITE MY BOOK AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, GO AWAY." xD ;P

Una Mariah said...

When you do finish the draft, do you think I could read it as well? *puppy dog eyes* it sounds awesome!