Friday, June 15, 2012

Writing Progress Update!

And hello to all of my bloggers! Well, I warned you in my last writing related post that I was going to give you guys updates from time to time on how the writing is going. So here's the first update! :D

Writing overall is going well. But my family can tell you that I've spent the better part of the past six days locked in my room writing my heart out. Other than that, however, things are great! :D

I'm on chapter thirty two now! WOW!! I can hardly believe that I've gotten that far in just six days! I'm about halfway through, though I still have the rest of part two to write and all of part three! I'm not sure when I'll be done...but I do know that I won't be able to write after tomorrow. You see, tomorrow--yea that's right TOMORROW PEOPLE--is my graduation party! And so as you can imagine I'll be pretty busy with that!

Also, Sunday I have work and do Father's Day. On Father's Day we always go to my grandparent's house for a Father's Day cookout! YUMMY!

Then on Monday it's my wonderful mom's birthday! Yep! So we will be celebrating with her on her special day!

And finally on Tuesday we have a trip with Mrs. Rita and Jacob to a peach packing plant to get peaches for jam, preserves, ice cream ect. So for the next four days I'm swamped! But hopefully my writing will be able to start back up on Wednesday! muse is in need of a break. A few days of R&R and family fun will do me some good! Also, I've been really REALLY bored lately!

Yea, I miss seeing my friends almost everyday--which is why I may totally freak out when I see them tomorrow! LOL!

Seriously guys, I've missed you SO FREAKING MUCH!!

If it weren't for my writing I'd probably have gone insane by now. But there again this boredom is probably why I'm so involved in my writing. But no matter, it's a good type of boredom in the sense that it helps me get things done. However, it's a bad type of boredom in the sense that none the less it's still boredom.

Either way, I'm in need of a little fun!

But yes, the writing is going perfectly! I haven't let anyone read the manuscript--not even my writing friend Hannah who I usually force to read my rough drafts. It's been TOP SECRET!! Mainly because it's pretty rough at the moment. I'm going back and fleshing it out a little--and I've almost completely decided to rewrite chapter one. But never the less, the book is still going great!

I'm seriously looking into self publishing--though I'm not completely decided on that front yet. I'm a little more concerned with just getting it written and then fixed up right now.

Once I finish book one I'm going to jump right into book two. Book two is going to be a little be longer than book one--mainly because more happens in it than in book one. I'm really excited about writing, the currently far off, book two! There are a whole host of new characters that I just can't wait to introduce and the plot line has a lot more action in it! :D So just in case you thought that my current project was the only one--you were wrong! :D

If you want, check out my Pinterest HERE to get a sneak peak at what the book is going to look like and to get more updates on how it's going. Yea, I know--you guys are just as 'facinated' with this book as I am. But either way, at least go by and check it out. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Also, check out some of the other great pinners on there!

There is also a book two pinboard HERE, just so you can get a taste of what is yet to come.

I don't have any vital info on their as of now--you know, title, plot or anything like that. As I said before I'm being very VERY private with the guts of this book. Not because I'm all:

'This book is SO amazing that somebody is SO going to copy it."

Ah, no.

I'm just being private with this book because it's still in it's very VERY rough draft stage and because I'm already pretty private with my story ideas. I just like to roll that way. 

But never the less you can still go and check out some of the pictures on there and get basic feel for the book! :D 

Well, that's just about it for now! Stay tuned for Graduation Party Pics and more!

Your excited, graduating blogger,


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Solace Utara said...

So awesome! :D My manuscript isn't far yet. If you need someone to read yours, I'll be glad to. Promise, I won't steal! But I understand if you're careful. I am with mines too. Congrats on your graduation and have fun on father's day and your mom's birthday :D