Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some of My Nature Pictures

Well, hey there blogging fans.

Yea, I'm still feeling crappy. The swelling on my face has gone up MAJORLY and now I've got a gaping hole in the back of my mouth from where one of the larger of my wisdom teeth was. :( Yea, it sucks to be a chipmunk. Fortunately it's only temporary...but still--when you've got a swollen up face days seem likes years. :( But anyway, enough of my ranting about my dumb mouth, now on the meat of my post. Today, since I'm really REALLY bored and feeling crappy, I wanted to show you guys some of the nature photos that I took for my Nature Photography Class in Co-op this year! :D

I've never really been much for nature photography, but after this class I really got into it! :D Now I'm a HUGE nature photography fan! :D And since I've become a NP fan--I though I might share some of my humble work. Now, I know that I'm only a newbie to the whole NP thing...but I'm proud of my work. I mean, for a first time I think I did okay! :D So without any further adieu, here are my photos! :D  

These are some ants crawling around in our field. This was one of the really REALLY early ones.

I took this one while I was spending the night with Hannah and Jessie at Hannah's house. Love how the background turned out on this one! :)

                                                        An apple blossom in our orchard!

A bumble bee---that decided to model for me.

       Yea, I resorted to taking pictures of rocks. But hey, look at all the cool moss on that thing! :D

                                                      I just liked the contrast in this one.

This one I also took at Hannah's. I'm not sure why the photo shifted to the left side of the post. I hate this new format! :(

This next one I also took at Hannah's! We actually got a LOT of really great photos from over there! :D I really love all the little purple flowers in this one! They are so pretty! :D

 This one is of some wisteria in our woods. I LOVE how this one's background did! :D So pretty and purple! :D

Well, those are some of my photos. I still have a BUNCH more that I may post later...but for right now this is good enough! :D So I hope that you guys enjoyed this and I'll see ya later! :D

Your nature photography loving blogger,


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Solace Utara said...

ooh all of 'em are awesome! I love taking pics too, but most of mines are lame. I prefer photoshop :)