Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Power of Notebooks...and Converse!

Many writers say that carrying notebooks is bad...especially for authors who have trouble actually sitting down and getting the work done. However, many authors strongly recommend using notebooks as a sounding board for ideas. After all, it's not always convenient, or safe, to tote an expensive laptop around everywhere you go!
Notebooks are very handy tools for authors! Like the picture above ^ says, "You never know when inspiration will strike!" and that's the truth! You never do know when an amazing idea will pop into your head! Also, writing ideas out on paper really helps to unscramble the web of characters and plot ideas that is zooming around inside your head! Seeing all your thoughts on one--or in my case many--pieces of paper gives you a chance to visually connect the dots and work through the issues in your story!
However, notebooks do have a downside. Many authors use notebooks as a writing substitute--writing their ideas out on paper makes them FEEL like they are writing...when in reality they are not. Notebook Authors give the practice a bad name and often encourage other writers to just avoid notebooks all together. But, if you are a disciplined person and can write out your ideas and still make time for real writing--then you should be fine! :D
I started using notebooks about a month or so ago. I wanted to spend even MORE time writing, but it wasn't practical for me--or safe for my laptop--to take my computer everywhere I went. So, I decided to just carry a small notebook...just in case a good idea hit me. It was love at first page! Once I started carrying a notebook I was no longer afraid to let my ideas flow! Before I'd been afraid to come up with a cool idea while I was out because I might forget it before I got home!
Of course, I try to discipline myself. I only use notebooks when I'm out and for story building...not story writing. You see, right now I'm in the middle of a HUGE writing project (Book One Rewrite!), but...a really amazing idea popped into my head (well...actually it's been there for a while and I just now found a plot for it.). So, instead of stopping Book One, or forgetting the new idea...I just use a notebook for the new idea while I continue working on my original project! :D This way everyone is happy and I'm still working!
But anyway, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for notebooks! I've already filled up a small red one (which my wonderful mother bought for me!) and now am trying to decide between the two brand new ones I got one my shopping trip yesterday!
Sorry for the poor quality pic...but you get the general idea of what the notebooks look like! :D I'm leaning more towards Big Ben at the's the same format as my red notebook and I think I want to save my Paris one for later! :D Can you believe these things were only two bucks a piece? I love them!
Oh...and before I go...the Converse part of the post!
Like I said, yesterday my mom, sister and I went shopping! I needed a new backpack (my old one broke after many years of devoted service. Currently I'm blaming school!) and I also needed some new shoes! I was looking for some athletic shoes...and maybe a pair of Converse. I figured I'd only get one or the other because shoes are REALLY expensive now! :( But I got SO much more than I'd bargained for!
Two brand new, REAL Converse shoes! I found these at Goodwill believe it or not! They are brand new (I'm not kidding! No wear or tear what-so-ever!) and are REAL Converse...not a knockoff! :D I was so tickled to find them! Most of the time when I find Converse at a thrift store...they are worn out, but these are brand new! :D Plus... they fit me and my wallet perfectly! How much were they you ask? Oh...only about five dollars a piece! No, I'm not kidding! Brand new Converse for only five bucks! EEEKK! :D So happy! And yes, these are women's Converse! *sigh* This was the find of the day...seeing how Converse are usually forty dollars a pair! :D Saved 70 bucks! :D

These, however, were very expensive! These athletic shoes were thirty five...but I love them and my oh so sweet mother let me get them! :D They are really comfortable and are very springy! In fact...I'm wearing them right now! :)
But anyway...that's my two cent's worth about notebooks and Converse! So until next time! :D
Your happy and busy blogger,

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Solace Utara said...

I carried notebooks for a long time in case there's a stroke of inspiration, then I quickly scribble it and put it in my laptop. My notebooks are messy and unorganized, but I love them. It's like looking at the beginning of something great :D Usually I write only phrases and stuff, and it goes better with poems and songs more than writing, but still.
Oh, and those shoes are awesome :)