Saturday, September 10, 2011

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not - Lyrics-

This is such a beautiful song!! I hope you like it!


James and Jacob said...

I like your new look!

Rebecca said...

Thanks. I have it up for September 11th--sort of my way of making sure we remember it.

Jedi~Chick said...

Two things. First, I absolutely love your new design for 9-11. THANK YOU. And here I am afraid I'm the only one who cares. ;) Jk, I KNOW people care, but not everyone shows it. Great job.
Second, BEST. SONG. EVER. I love that song!!!!!!!! :D

Rebecca said...

I'm glad the design is a hit. Yea, I was afraid I was the only one who still cared about 9/11 too! It's sad how America has sort of forgotten about this very tragic event.

This song is one of my all time favorites! I believe the first time I heard it was at my cousins wedding reception thing. It just love it!! :D